lifting wheel

Our multifunctional Lifting wheel is designed for moving stage decks, truss parts and other decor pieces with a maximum load of 130 kg.
This wheel makes it possible to smoothly move your stage around and use the maximum load of your stage deck when the wheels are lifted off the ground.

The Lifting wheel lifts 27 mm up and down and can be used in 3 different ways!


27mm lifting height

WLL 130kg

Compatible with 30 truss

 lifting wheel applications

stage riser

If you want to use our Lifting wheel to lift and move your stage around, you'll have two advantages in comparison to using stage legs with mounted wheels. 

  1. Without use of any accessories or parts, the Lifting wheel can be mounted on square stage legs. Using half couplers, the lifting wheel can be mounted on standard round stage legs.

  2. When lowering the stage onto its own feet, by lifting the wheel up, you experience greater stability and the maximum load can be applied to your stage deck.

truss mover

If you want to be able to move around truss constructions, you can use the Truss attachment in combination with our Lifting wheel. With this combination you can lift your truss frames, for example a DJ booth, and roll them easily on and off the stage. 

This truss attachment can be mounted on 30 truss using a half coupler. 

box riser

Want to attach the Lifting wheel to flat wooden or metal surfaces?
Wooden boxes or other types of decor pieces can also be easily moved around by attaching the Lifting wheel using the Mounting plate attachment. 

The mounting plate attachment is made out of 2 mm zinc plated metal and allows you to lift and move pieces 27 mm off the ground.