single rigger

Start building your light show around the Admiral Single riggers and create a spectacular wall of light for your show.
The Single down rigger is a simple solution that creates a wonderful effect.

select your ideal single rigger

To assemble your Single rigger, the first element needed is a length profile. The length profiles included in Admiral Staging's range are powdercoated black and they are made out of aluminum. What's more, they are available in four length variations (50 cm, 100 cm, 150 cm and 200 cm) so you can select whichever length works best for your construction. 

To connect the length profile directly to your luminaire, clamp or coupler, two nut plate sets are secured at the top and the bottom of the Single rigger. The sets include two types of nuts you can choose from depending on your use, self locking nuts for a permanent connection or wing nuts for a temporary connection.
Every nut plate set includes a safety set to secure your load and secure the connections between the Freedom system and the supporting structure with a safety device as a safety cable. 

extend the single rigger

Would you like to extend the length of your Single Rigger even more? Multiple profiles can be connected together.
This can be easily done by connecting the length profiles to each other with the help of our profile coupler set.
This profile coupler set is provided with all the bolts and nuts neccessary for assembly. Choose the type of  nuts you want to use, wing - or self locking nuts, depending on what connection you want to make, temporary or permanent.

When assembling your single rigger always make sure you start with the Freedom set, a length profile including two nut plate sets.

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