A successful performance doesn't depend on the band alone.
To make your event stand out, you need to focus on the details.

Use our versatile Admiral Staging products to create a stage that represents the message of your band, company or brand!

Vintage Luminaire

Use these decorative fixtures for your TV shows, theatre productions or for live bands to add visual impact to an area and to create a specific atmosphere. 

This decorative light is available in two sizes, with a diameter of 38 cm or 53 cm. Using the sturdy, adjustable brackets, you can attach more Vintages together, allowing you to create your own Vintage light setup.

Reflective shell

The fixture has a golden reflector finish and two concentric black metal rings to provide that vintage spotlight look.

PowerCon IP65 In / Out

The Vintage fixture has a IP65 connection for professional use and comes with a PowerCON cable connector.


Create a real Vintage setup by interlinking several Vintage luminaires using the two sturdy brackets.

Adjustable brackets

Get creative using the adjustable brackets. Use one bracket to hang it on a Droparm or use two to place the Vintage on the floor.

Vintage tripod

The Vintage luminaire can also be extended with a tripod. This tripod, with a hardwood base, fits perfectly with these fixtures. The tripod is specially designed for rental use. The metal top has a M8 bolt with wing nut for fast assembly of the luminaire.

The tripod has a standard length of approximately 1 meter. An Extension set that allows the height of the tripod to be increased to 1.55 meters is available.

"An Admiral Staging fixture
with a vintage look because retro chic 
is absolutely en vogue!"

3 -speed Fan

This lightweight fan makes sure there is perfect airflow for distribution of your haze or fog. The Admiral fan has a dimeter of 30 centimeter and is fitted with a 3 speed control.

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